Alam Flora’s Transformation In Managing Solid Waste.

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Rubbish is strewn everywhere, garbage collection is erratic, leachate from the dump truck flows onto the road, the smell is nauseating and the whole scene is nothing but an eyesore.

These are among the public grievances on the unsatisfactory services of the national solid waste management concessionaire in the housing areas and other places.

Not only the public explicitly lament over their dissatisfaction with the concessionaire, the media too have highlighted the many shortcomings.

Nonetheless, with the Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Act that came into force on Sept 1, 2011 the government, concessionaire and the public are now part of a new beginning in the country’s effort to manage solid waste efficiently.

The new legislation could pave the way for a holistic transformation that the public have been yearning for all this while and in line with Malaysia’s goal of emerging as a developed nation.

However, is Alam Flora ready to take the bull by its horns?


Yes, and why not when looking at the fact Alam Flora has been managing the country’s solid waste since 1997, meaning it has gained invaluable experience and know-how in this trade.

“The interim privatisation has been going on for 14 years under the watch of the local governments. Prior to that, the solid waste management was handled by the respective local governments.

“With the privatisation, through the implementation of the Act, now the local governments are more focused in carrying out other tasks like collecting assessments, building and maintaining roads, and attending to problems with other public amenities like street lamps and etc,” said Mohd Zain indicating how Alam Flora has helped to ease the burden of the local governments.


However, with the implementation of this Act it is a different ball game altogether.

Under the Act the solid waste management comes under the Federal Government and no longer the local governments and to ensure the desired results are achieved, stringent Key Performance Indicators have been imposed on the concessionaire.

Alam Flora is responsible for the waste management in central and eastern region of Peninsula covering an area of 63,000 square kilometers, and is embarking on stages improved service delivery.

“Now our work will be monitored by 1,000 officers from the Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Corporation (PPSPPA) under the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

“Now, Alam Flora has been given a one year grace period up to August 2012 to provide new dump trucks and even provide dustbins to homes.

“Come Sept 1, 2012, Alam Flora will complete its first year according to the new benchmark set for 30 percent of the localities transcending six areas Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya in Federal Territory, Kuantan and Pekan in Pahang and another two starting next year – Kuala Terengganu (Terengganu) and Kota Baharu (Kelantan),” he said.

Mohd Zain added that the transformation process until 2015 would include all 32 areas (excluding Selangor) under the supervision of Alam Flora and adhering to more stringent benchmarks.


As the government is committed in improving the nation’s solid waste management, it made clear to the concessionaires that their services will terminated whole or partially if they fail to meet the KPI.

Alam Flora being well aware of its obligations have taken proactive steps. As for the concessionaire now, it is not only about the new garbage trucks and dustbins but also in developing its human capital.

This holistic transformation emphasizes on time management to ensure the satisfaction of communities where it operates.

“Under this Act collection is still three times per week with one day allocated for recyclable solid waste, bulk waste and waste from the garden.

“The biggest woe for the society is irregular timing of collection. However, now it will be scheduled accordingly and dwellers to be informed on the rubbish collection schedule in their area,” he said.

In allaying public scepticism that the concessionaire may not liveup to expectation Mohd Zain noted that the actions of Alam Flora’s employees would be closely monitored while the company would call for the community’s cooperation in ensuring a clean environment is maintained.

Through the use of black boxes on dump trucks, Alam Flora’s management will be able to keep track of their location.

“The Automated Vehicle Locating System'(AVLS) at Alam Flora’s headquarters and branch offices will indicate whether those scheduled to operate at a particular place have diverted elsewhere,” he said.


Apart from collection timing, the leachate problem blamed on the concessionaire is to be addressed as well. Being well aware of the problem, Alam Flora is coming up with ‘leachate proof’ dump trucks.

The trucks also come with lifting mechanism, meaning the bins are no longer manually unloaded by workers.

“Previously, one of our workers was infected with HIV as he was poked by a contaminated syringe needle probably used by a drug addict after handling manually the waste in Jalan Haji Taib. Other than that,they are exposed to the dangers posed by snakes as garbage attracts rodents and other animals.

“The workers are also exposed to the risk of accidents and injuries, and occasionally in their efforts to collect the rubbish they end up messing up the place.

“By using the ‘bin lifter’, it is mandatory for workers to unload the rubbish into the compactors using the bin lifter. By this way, the safety of the workers and the cleanliness of the place is guaranteed,” he said.

Alam Flora estimates that about 500 vehicles including compactor trucks and cleaning equipment are needed at the initial stage, with the company already procuring 31 of such vehicles.


“The bins are provided free effective 29 Nov to those who have been paying their assessments,” said Mohd Zain on the free bins.

As for those still not satisfied with Alam Flora’s services, they can call the concessionaire’s hotline 1-800-88-7472.

Before Act 672 was enforced, different concessionaires used different telephone lines and different systems, but now they have been made uniform for the public’s convenience,” he said..


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