Malaysia likely to go ahead with nuclear plant construction

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The Malaysian government is likely to proceed with its plan to build 2 1,000- megawatt nuclear power plants by Y 2022.

The government said that the power plants are to fill higher electricity demand, which is expected to rise from 15,100 Megawatts last year to more than 20,000 Megawatts by Y 2020.

The proposal was announced last year and has been raising concerns among the public since, more so after it witnessed the Japan’s post-quake and tsunami nuclear meltdown.

There is limited space in the country to construct hydro dams and the power wind can generate is very minimal.

The agency’s director-general, Muhamad Lebai Juri, said in an recent interview in Bangi, a town some 30 km away from Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, said nuclear is considered Green as it emits very little carbon dioxide.

We are ready and geared with contingency measures. We have different departments handling the security measures in case of any fallout. You must know in Japan they built the nuclear reactor in Y 1970, that’s the generation 1 nuclear reactor, the boiling water reactor.

“Current reactor, generation three, is better than that in Japan. Here in Malaysia, we are looking at the new system with inbuilt safety capacity,” Muhamad said.

The Country is looking for a possible sites for the power plants. He said experts in the Nuclear Agency are currently studying the plan.

“A few of the South East Asian countries are also considering building their own nuclear power plants despite what’s happening in Japan. Vietnam is planning for 13; Thailand, 4 and Indonesia, at least 2. They too are studying the safety and security aspects of the nuclear reactors.

“There is a risk. But technology is evolving and we have to keep up with our demands,” said Muhamad.


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One Response to “Malaysia likely to go ahead with nuclear plant construction”

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“Nuclear power as a sustainable alternative to Global Energy Crisis”

The Chernobyl disaster 25 years ago and the recent radiation catastrophe in Fukushima, Japan must not be taken out of context.

Malaysia’s aspiration to have 2 or even 4 nuclear plants is a move in the right direction in the light of current global energy crisis and the Arab oil theatrics.

Developed(the Nuclear Club) and developing nations and ASEAN(Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Phillipines etc ) around the world have realise both the significance of nuclear power and Renewable Energy as twin thrusts in achieving energy sustainability in the long run.

The adoption of nuclear best practices and environmental impact compliance are therefore crucial in ensuring that the Chernobyl and Fukushima incidents will not be repeated in Malaysia and elsewhere in ASEAN/ASIA region.

Jeong Chun Phuoc
Expert Consultant and an Advocate in Competitive Legal Intelligence(CLI)
and a Reader in Competitive Syariah Intelligence(CSI)
He can be reached at

**The above professional analysis is the writer’s personal view and in no way represent the view/position of the research institutes/thinktanks/organisations to which he is currently attached to.

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