Alam Flora steps up effort to promote recycling

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-The Star-
ALAM Flora collects an average of 5,800 tonnes of waste each day within its concession areas, namely Selangor, Pahang and the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur as well as Putrajaya.

In 2009, the company collected approximately 2.1 million tonnes of waste. Now, that’s a lot of waste; most of which could have been reduced if Malaysians recycle their waste more.

According to statistics provided by the Housing and Local Government Ministry, Malaysians recycle less than 5% of their waste.

Starting somewhere: Two bins were distributed to each house in Kota Kemuning to encourage them to segregate waste at source.

Hence, most of the plastics, metal, paper and other recyclable items have been ending up in landfills.

With space in the landfills running out fast, we could soon run out of land for our garbage if we don’t make an effort to recycle more.

In view of the need to increase the recycling efforts in Malaysia, Alam Flora has been putting in efforts to promote the 3R concept — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle — through public education and awareness programmes, which are conducted through dialogues and meetings with residents associations, parliamentarians, politicians and schools.

In doing so, they also aim to educate the public on the company’s role, as well as the public’s role in proper waste management — which includes proper disposal methods, waste separation at source and recycling.

Alam Flora has conducted a pilot project in Kota Kemuning to encourage the residents to segregate their wastes at home into two types — food waste and recyclable items — before throwing them away into the bins.

So far, such R&D project has received positive response from the residents, but a lot more work is needed to educate the public about the concept of waste minimisation and separation at source.

Alam Flora believes that by educating our children and youth about recycling, we will be able to ensure that the next generation of Malaysians will take more care to recycle their waste.

With that in mind, the company has set up a special education and awareness programme for schools on recycling — namely the Kits programme which has been implemented in about 700 schools so far.

Besides educating students, Alam Flora also takes the effort to create awareness among the general public.

The company runs extensive awareness programmes in other sectors of society; including the Waste Wise programmes for offices, institutional and industries; and rolling out fixed and mobile recycling centres for the community at large.

Alam Flora also participates extensively in exhibitions and environmental related activities; while at the same time is actively involved in regular dialogue sessions with residents’ associations, and regularly participate in gotong-royong activities and other community cleaning-up activities or campaigns.

It is estimated that Alam Flora supports about 800 gotong-royong programmes each year, providing vehicles, equipments, manpower and disposing all wastes collected.

Despite the fact that Alam Flora continues to make an effort to improve their daily operations and services such as improving waste collection and disposal methods, upgrading landfills and other treatment facilities; they cannot do this alone.

With the help and support of everyone, Alam Flora and the public can all work hand in hand to ensure that we and our children live in a clean and green Malaysia.


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