Rare Hose’s Civet Found In Sarawak

Posted on August 18, 2010. Filed under: Bio-diversity |

(Bernama) — The rare Hose’s Civet, one of the world’s least known carnivores, can be found at a timber concession area in upper Baram, Sarawak.

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Malaysia Program director Dr Melvin T. Gumal said more than 10 images of the Hose’s Civet, a small carnivore endemic to the interior of Borneo, were photographed via camera trappings at the Selaan-Linau Forest Management Unit (FMU) since 2004.

“Hose’s Civet is a rare animal. The small carnivores were also found in Brunei and Sabah. However, the numbers recorded are not as high as the number we encountered in the highlands of Sarawak.

“Probably, only two or three records (in Brunei and Sabah),” he told reporters on Wednesday.

Earlier, Dr Gumal attended the opening of the Carbon Offset and Forest Conservation Workshop by acting director of forests, Ali Yusop, at the Wisma STA here.

WCS Malaysia has been conducting a comprehensive wildlife survey in the Upper Baram to monitor small carnivores in the Selaan-Linau FMU, a logging concession, since 2004 and managed to spot 14 species, including the Hose’s Civet.

The top of a Hose’s Civet (Diplogale hosei) is dark brown while the lower half is white. Its feet are partly webbed with patches of hair between the footpads.

Dr Gumal has 15 years’ experience in the field of conservation education in Sarawak.


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