Penang, Malaysia Set to Enter Green Markets With Eco-Friendly Packaging

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( Today Monday at 4.30pm local time, an important event took place marking another milestone along the way of a green technology, research and production factory to produce eco-friendly packaging. This type of packing is now becoming essential to human life due to the immensely negative effects of plastic upon marine life and nature in general.

This milestone event was to commemorate the arrival of the first batch of massive machines arriving at the factory, witnessed by local VIPs and the current 39 employees of the green companies, along with news media.

The arrival of large very high technology green machines, 19 in total, is a very big event for the company, which has made a significant investment of millions of dollars in Research & Development as well as production process and machinery. The ceremony attended by Penang State VIPs officiated the arrival of the machinery which will bring the company into production in January.

The 100% Malaysian companies Return2Green Sdn Bhd and BioGreen Bags Sdn Bhd are to launch the manufacture of bio-degradeable packaging after more than 4 years of research and development thanks to the inventor, Managing Director P. Ramaness of Penang.

The materials used for the packaging which disintegrates and returns to nature within around 180 days of composting, unlike plastics which have a life time often of 1,000 years, is made from agricultural waste such as sugar cane waste, corn waste. Other bi-degradeable production companies in the west are currently making such “green” packaging from food products themselves, thus excacerbating the problem of world food shortages. Tapioca stems, rice husks and other agricultural waste products development is in the pipeline.

The green Malaysian companies are set to launch mass production early next year, aiming to be among the top 3 bio degradeable packing companies in the world.

Return2Green and Bio-Green Bags congratulated the Penang State Government on being the first in Malaysia to launch green initiatives in the country, including “no plastic bag” days in supermarkets in the state.

YB Phee Boon Poh, State Exco (minister) for Environment gave a speech in which he disclosed that he had been very active in shopping centres letting traders for many years to know about the necessity for a “Green Crusade” for the environment, for this “Holy War to Save Mother Earth” and that this is now gathering momentum.

The environmental state minister demonstrated his keen enthusiasm and activism for the environment which has resulted in Penang becoming Malaysia’s leading green state, with a total switch away from plastic bags to occur next year after a phased program of “no plastic bag days” in supermarkets in the state.

The policy has been taken up by other Malaysian states following suit. Penang is the first state in Malaysia that has decided to go green, under its popular opposition government leadership.

Prof. Dr. Ramasamy, the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, gave a speech giving his full support to this initiative to embark upon green technology and he announced that an upcoming major local religious festival event in Penang State would be going green.

The VIPs attended at 4.50pm the ribbon cutting ceremony, and hoisted themselves up into the big trucks to accompany the final delivery leg of the journey of the green production machinery to the factory site on the mainland sea-front near Butterworth.

Inventory, President and CEO of the Green Companies BioGreen Bags and Return2Green, P. Ramaness, then took questions from the media along with Company Chairman Dr Sam Quah, who is also involved in other cutting-edge eco-friendly technologies such as lighting for streets, offices and homes.

Early next year there is to be a mass production launch which will be officiated by former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who has supported developing nations in their struggle to advance in world markets with the help of innovative technology.


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